Chinese Visas in 3 working days

Multi Travel Visas is a company assisting with Chinese business and tourist visas.

Please note we are not Chinese Embassy  and you can make an application direct to them.  If we handle your application, we will charge you an additional fee in return for providing advice on the requirements, taking responsibility for ensuring that your documentation is appropriate and lodging application on your behalf .

If you choose to apply for a visa through us we will guide you on the process, documents and we will submit to the visa centre, so you don't have to make a trip to London. We also advise on preparing documents, based on our many years of experience. For example, there are strict requirements towards business invitations from companies in China or strict relatively new rules on providing evidence of purpose to travel to China.

The Chinese Consulate requires all visa applicants in the United Kingdom to submit fingerprints at the closest visa centre.

Express service takes 3 working days (if we submit on a Monday, passport will be out on a Wednesday afternoon), we need to receive documents a daye before submission, return postage - extra working day unless collecting from our office.

Standard service takes 4 working days  (if we submit on a Monday, passport will be out on a Thursday), we need to receive documents a daye before submission, return postage - extra working day unless collecting from our office.

Contact us: , we reply on the same day!

Phone: 0871 472 1468 or 07795471483 or text. 



1) Passport, valid for at least 6 months upon exit, with 2 blank pages

If you hold more than one nationality, then you must provide original passport of every country.

2) 1 passport size photograph

3) 1 application form, completed electronically. Click on the new application form  and folow further instructions. Form must be completed without corrections (Embassy won't accept it otherwise).

The form needs to be completed without any corrections and with accurate information, therefore in order to avoid the delays you can also enclose a spare form just in case (signed by you at part 4 on page number 4).

A declaration is also required to be signed in addition to the application form,

4) For a tourist visit for all nationals OR for a business trip for non-UK nationals: Return air ticket and hotel reservation.

5) For a family visit: Invitation letter from a permanent resident in China and return tickets

6) For a business trip: invitation letter/fax issued by a Chinese company you are visiting. A letter must be: on the Chinese company's letterhead paper, with a company seal, name of the person invited (as in passport), passport number, purpose of visit, dates of visit.  UK nationals can use a scanned-emailed copy while all non-UK nationals need original postal 'hard copy' invitation.


Letter must also state who is providing financial support during the stay in China (even if your UK company if providing it a letter from a host company in China must still say who is providing support).

If you need a multiple entry visa for 6 months, 1 year your invitation has to ask for a multiple-entry visa and your name must be in full like in passport (inlcuding middle names). Please note: it is only possible to get a multiple-entry visa now if you have already been in China before AND your passport shows visa/travel stamps, if they are in the old passport please add it.

We also need copy of passport and Chinese visa (if applicable) of the person who has signed the invitation letter. The signature on the invitation letter must match as on the passport.

EU Nationals: You need to provide UK current account bank statements for the last 3 months and letter from employer confirming date of employment, job title, and that you will return to work after trip to China. 

7) Payment by cash, bank transfer or online, fees below.

8) Pre-paid Special Delivery envelope (to return your passports) or add £24 to the payment.

9) Please bring your documents to our office or post by Special Delivery: Multi Travel Visas, 68 King William Street, City of London, London, EC4N 7DZ.

Nearest stations: Monument, Bank, also close to Liverpool Street and London Bridge.

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday 9am – 6pm.




Official Embassy / visa centre fees 

Our service fee (if you choose to apply through us) Total all fees
Single/Double/Multiple entries visa, 1 week turnaround £151 £160+VAT = £192 £345
Single/Double/Multiple entries visa, 3 working days turnaround £182 £160+VAT = £192 £374


Return postage Special Delivery £24 or pre-paid envelope.

Contact us: , we reply on the same day!

Phone: 0871 472 1468 or 07795471483 or text.