Worldwide Visas

Multi Travel Visas is a specialist visa agency. We are a private company acting as an agent between the public and the official authorities, such as foreign Embassies and the UK Passport Service. We are not affiliated with any government and you can make an application direct to the Embassies. If we handle your application, we will charge you an additional fee in return for providing advice on the requirements, taking responsibility for ensuring that your documentation is appropriate and lodging application on your behalf .

Travel visas for business and tourism to the various countries including Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Vietnam, Mongolia, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand and others. 

Our service fee is £150+VAT= £180. This is a fee for our service, if you choose to apply through us, in addition to the official Embassy fees. 

Embassy fees depend on the country, type of a visa, processing time, duration of a visa, you can find more on a respective Embassy website (by doing a search online) or by contacting us.

Contact us on 0871 472 1468 or 07795471483 or text. Email: